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OTT Darn Good Chili

This Chili is so good.. 1lb hamburger 80/20 Packet of chili seasoning mix Red, orange, yellow and green bell pepper Stalk of celery Jalapeño Sweet onion 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 cans of Rotel 2 cans of tomato sauce 1 can of tomato paste 1 can chili beans 1 can dark red kidney beans 2 tomatos pureed 4 tablespoons of Darn Good All Purpose 2 tablespoons of Darn Good Fire Sauce 1 tablespoon of cayenne Dice and sautee all veggies in large pan or stock pot until tender. Mix in all other sauces and beans. Mix up hamburger meat with Darn Good Seasoning and chili mix packet. Form into large burger. Place rack on top of chili pot, place hamburger on top of the rack. Smoke at 200⁰ for about 2 hours. Pull hamburger and break into small pieces add to chili. Smoke for about 30 more minutes. Enjoy!

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