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The Story...

When a Low Country boy from Georgia and a Cajun girl from Louisiana get together,  there's some pretty good things that come out of the kitchen. When you mix it all together, it's not just good, it's "Darn Good!"  


Originally,  we made the seasoning to use in cooking demonstrations we do across the southeast. As we tried different combinations of spices, trying to create a unique flavor for our recipes, we started noticing how many times we heard the words, "That's some darn good seasoning. Where can I get it?"   Little did our guests know, they were actually our original "Darn Good Guinea Pigs!"  So there you have it..... that's how it all got started!  


 Darn Good Seasoning is the result of mixing just the right amount of Southern style flavoring with lively Cajun spices.  We know our special blend of seasoning will make all of your favorite foods "Darn Good!"


Who's Robi?

Actually, Robi is just my nickname!  My birth name is Phillip Robider.  At age 20, I joined the US Navy where they drop your first name and just call you by your last name.  Robider was too difficult for most to try to pronounce.  So, they just called me "Robi".


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