Our Cajun Blend is a perfect blend for any meat or vegetables. Not too spicy, but gives a good kick.  Add it to recipes like casseroles, omelets, dips, soups & salads. Sprinkle it on garlic bread, popcorn & pasta. Use it to preseason or marinade meats. Add to taste while cooking & put in on the table and use it like salt. It is sure to make everything Darn Good!

8oz DGS Cajun Seasoning - Fire in da Hole!

  • MSG Free

    Gluten Free

    Calories : 0

    Total Fat : 0

    Cholesterol : 0

    Sodium : 240mg

    Total Carbohydrates : 0

    Sugars : 0 (Sugar is listed as an ingredient but it's an insignificant amount)

    Protein: 0