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These are Whole meals you can do in a Large Waterless/ Greaseless Skillet

Recipes for your Electric Skillet

(If your using a large skillet just use medium heat for 400 degrees)


Easy Hamburgers or Hamburger Steaks (15-20 minutes)

Start by setting your skillet to 400 degrees.  Allow to heat up for about 5 minutes.  Take frozen or fresh hamburger patties and put into skillet.  Do not add any oil, grease or non stick spray.  Then cut up some potatoes and put on top of the Hamburger patties. Put the lid on and let cook for about 10- 15  minutes. If the rim of the skillet starts producing bubbles, lower heat a bit.  Continue cooking until burgers are no longer pink and potatoes are soft. 

For a yummy twist, you can also add sliced onions and mushrooms to make hamburger steaks or as a topping for the burgers. Once you remove the burgers smash up the potatoes to make Mashed potatoes.

Pork Chops with Carrots and Onions (30 minutes)

4- 5 pork chops

Half of an onion, sliced

Bag of baby carrots

1 can cream of mushroom soup

Preheat skillet to 350 degrees.  Season pork chops with DG All Purpose Seasoning.  Place pork chops in the skillet and brown on each side (about 3 minutes per side).  Lower the temperature to 200 degrees and add can of soup, onions and carrots.   Let simmer for at least 30 minutes.  The longer you let them simmer, the more tender the chops will be.  Lower heat as needed.

Grilled Chicken and Potatoes (15-20 minutes)

4-5 frozen or fresh chicken breasts

3 medium sized potatoes, sliced

Darn Good Seasoning

Preheat skillet at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes.  Place chicken in skillet (do not add butter, grease or non stick spray).  Cover and cook for about 5 minutes.  Lower heat to 200 degrees then flip chicken.  Place sliced potatoes on top and re-cover.  Cook for about 15 minutes more.  Lower the temperature if bubbles start to form around rim.  Check chicken for doneness.

You can also add onions with the potatoes.   Also, you can add any other vegetable of your choice instead of potatoes such as cut frozen broccoli or frozen corn.

Onion Pot Roast

3-4 pounds beef pot roast

1 packet instant onion soup mix

Darn Good Seasoning

Season roast with DG seasoning.  Place pot roast in skillet, fat side down and brown thoroughly at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Flip the roast and sprinkle with onion soup mix.  Cover and cook for 10 minutes.  Reduce heat to 200 degrees and cook for 45 minutes or until meat is tender.

Banana Pancakes

Preheat skillet to 400 degrees.  Spray with Non stick cooking spray.   In the meantime, mix pancake batter according to directions.  Take one ripe banana, place in a zipper storage bag.  Mash banana in bag until thoroughly mashed.   Snip off a tip of the bag and pipe banana puree into batter.  Mix thoroughly.   Scoop ¼ cup batter per pancake.  Cook until pancake starts to form bubbles, then flip.  Cook for a few more minutes.  You want the pancake to look fluffy. 


In a cold skillet, arrange 5 to 6 bacon slices.  Cook bacon at 300 degrees for about 5 minutes.  Turn bacon as it browns, spoon off excess grease and continure to cook until desired crispness. 

Scrambled Eggs

Beat together 8 eggs, ½ cup milk, and a little salt and pepper.  Heat 2 tablespoon butter or margarine at 300 degrees.  Tilt pan to evenly disperse butter.  Pour in egg mixture, allowing it to cook slightly.  As eggs begin to set, draw a large spoon across the bottom of the pan to mix up to form large soft portions of eggs.  Continue until eggs are thickened but do not stir constantly.  Cook until all eggs are set.

Hash Browns/ Potato Chips

Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons butter or margarine in skillet at 350 degrees  Wash four medium potatoes, do not peel.  Julian cut for Hash Browns/ Slice very thin for potatoes chips.  Spread evenly in pan and cover.  Cook 5 minutes.  Season as desired.  Turn potatoes.  Cover, and cook an additional 5 minutes to brown and crisp.


Chocolate Cup Cakes

1—9 oz. package chocolate cake mix

1 egg

½ cup water

Preheat covered skillet to 350 degrees.  Blend together cake mix, aegg and water.   Beat until smooth.  Place six paper muffin cup liners in a six cup muffin pan and fill each ½ full.  Set muffin pan inside preheated skillet and replace cover.  Bake cupcakes for 12-15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.  Repeat with remaining batter.  Frost as desired. 


Heat ¼ cup peanut oil in skillet at 400 degrees.  Stir in ½ cup popcorn.  Tilt pan to coat all kernals.  Cover and allow cooking until all kernels have popped.  Salt or season while popcorn is still hot. 


Large Skillet/ Electric Skillet Recipes

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